Lockdown shades can help save children.

Lockdown School Shades

In the aftermath of the Sandy Hook School tragedy, many schools and institutions are installing lock down blackout shades on classroom door windows to ensure extra security precautions. In the last year,our staff has been busy coordinating with school officials and facility managers to specify and install the most appropriate type of shade system to…

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Insulating shades and drapes for energy savings

Did you know that specific window treatments can save money on your energy bills, every month? Treatments such as lined draperies, wood shutters and honeycomb shades can reduce your energy costs and provide beautiful decor for your home. These treatments keep heat trapped in your home during the cold winter months, and keep unwanted sunlight…

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Web Site Update

Handy Andy Window Blinds is pleased to usher in 2011 with a new website featuring photos from some of our past projects.  We invite you to click around to get a better sense of the products and services we offer to the New York City area, including Westchester, Long Island and Fairfield counties. We welcome…

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